Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Natural Hair: The Stigma

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Too often do I hear, “natural hair isn’t for everybody,” and I always find myself explaining why it can be. We are born with our hair in its natural state and our parents, mostly mothers, choose to apply chemicals to make our hair “manageable”—I use that word very loosely. My biggest concern is why we as African American, Black, Mixed, and Caribbean don’t feel comfortable in our own skin? We allow the term “good hair” to permeate our existence and steer us clear of how we were born. So many cultures have made billions of dollars off this very insecurity, and for me that’s a problem. Capitalization from our pain, but we can embrace who we are and cultivate others on the journey.

We criticize Karen for wearing weave, we talk about Jenny for wearing a fro and chastise Kim for dying her hair platinum blonde. Hardly ever do we take a step back and look in the mirror and ask are we happy with self. Let's break the stigma, natural hair is not a style choice, it's a lifestyle. Encourage your friends and family that seek the journey back to where it all began - don't deter them with frowns and talk of how their hair is not made for that "style". Be a beacon of hope and not a cloud of darkness. Natural hair is socially acceptable because that's the way God made us!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Naptural or Natural: The Lifestyle

Being natural for me, is not about hairstyles as much as it is about a lifestyle. A life of naturalism, from food to hair care. That old cliche rings true, "you are what you eat", I'm striving everyday to evolve other areas of my life to be more natural.

Green living through and through. From the inside out and within, but I can say that I started with the outside. This year I already have began to challenge myself to be a better naptural hautee and earlier this year I challenged myself to change my lifestyle to one that is more conducive with natural food and green practices.

This is only the beginning of my catalog for this journey to a totally natural lifestyle. Join me on the voyage....what have you done green today?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Hola Naptural Hautees!

I haven't wrote in a while, shame on me! I wanted to share my 2011 Hair Goals with you all. This year I really want my hair to grow and be healthier.

Hair Goals:
-I want it to grow WL (waist length)
-More protective styles
-No hair neglect (I tend to do this when I get really busy)
-Less month of heat on hair for the year (a bit optimistic, lol)

When setting goals, they should always be realistic and obtainable in the time frame in which you set forth. In observing my own goals, the goal to minimize using heat on my hair is obtainable but it will take a lot of discipline and planning.

I challenge you all to set goals for your hair, whether you're natural or relaxed. I'm going to strive to reach all of mine and reach beyond them into greatness. JOIN ME! Hold me accountable ladies!

Ciao Naptural Hautees!

BTW - I dyed my hair, you like?